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oldbugle: Why do you show?...Have you always had an exhibitionist urge?....What does it feel like when you see your penis on the site?......What do you get from it, if anything?
TheOLDman!:I like to show off my cock, and this is the natural place to do it! I love to see pictures of my cock, and those of older guys too!
petro635: Guys are told to hide and cover our dicks because people think seeing them is shocking. It's not anymore shocking then seeing an arm or leg. All you have to do is look on this website and we can all see their is nothing to be ashamed of. It's society that says to be ashamed of your body. malika: I show mine here as it would be very rude to show it in tesco's or the bank
lowhanger211: I do it because i have always been self conscious about my penis size being good or even good enough... or maybe even gross to some?
foreskinlover52: I am hoping I could find a nice guy who will love my cock and ass..I love looking at all these uncut cocks! I enjoy being naked and have been a nudist for 30 years..I like the idea of everyone looking at my cock..
steeleric: had issues with my size. always thought i was small. been here helped with that. i fell better about my dick now. yeah i am small average, but i feel happier know that there are easily another million guys my size haha.
kbeckinsale: i like showing it off
-drifter-: Why? That you have something to look at. Simple as that.
Ulissis: I love cocks
jovi01: Cocks are a beautiful thang
rockface999: goodness me, where are all you lovely men been out walking, I have been out walking in forest parks, woods, hills and mountains and never been lucky enough to see any of you sexy hunks, yet, still plenty of time you never know.
Pcock: I think all the guys like getting attention from their penises. For me, I could have sworn that I had the ugliest dick ever. Surprised to learn that people like how my cock looks. Its also nice to know that you can do this anonymously because nude beaches and other public places like gyms can be creepy.
hornyas: I like looking and playing with my cock so i thought i'd share, the comments get me off and the thought of other people getting off over my pics gets me even harder.
Letsnow: Because I like to be naked walking in the woods or anyplace else and excites me to think other people are watching me Can I come to realize that I am bi And like looking at other guys in women So look at my page and give me some comments I love them good or bad
tinyd: I love the feeling I get knowing that at any time day or night someone I don't even know could very easily be looking right at my little penis.
saturn5: I think about this question a lot!! Before I joined I had taken a ton of photos of my dick, and was jerking off looking at them. Also, videos of my jerking. Once I found this site, I started looking at pics from here along with my own pics/vids and that was fun. Then one day I got mad at the "only a member can view this" message and I signed on to the site. After posting a few pics, wow, it was amazing for me that right away a lot guys and even a gal or two started to comment on my postings and messaging me with such awesome things about my dick!! i got hooked right away and have been on here every day since. So what i get out of the site really falls into two obvious categories, the thrill of putting up my dick for folks to see and having them like it; and the turn on of looking at so many hot dicks and cunts (and asses and boobs…) that other people post here.
newbi5: Simple answer - I'm an exhibitionist. I love breaking out and showing my cock off in a sexually excited state, and I get more excited knowing that other people are getting excited looking at it especially when they tell me so.
macumbele: Where else a fat guy with a little cock like me would be told he has a sexy body and a great cock? This place is a treasure
andrew999999999: I like to show my cock and body to as many people as I can, without doing it in public places. I am on several other sites which I've posted pics on, and I also play on a couple of cam sites too. I just love the fact that my cock can be seen by so many people. I get a good feeling from seeing my pics on here,and I like to read the comments and messages I get, which cheer me up. Only got a couple of negative comments from one old guy, who's a bit of a dick, but I don't let them bother me.
Ulissis: Thats how i meet my wife. She liked my cock and she was showing her pussy. So we liked eachother. Pics we chatted and after a while we meet for real. And after few months we got married and now we are happily married.
smallcockgayandproud: Because in the real world I've only come out to two people my bisexual best friend who I came out gay to at ten and my flatmate who has a small dick like me. I post because I'm accepted on here rather than in the real world where I'd be tormented
Nuda: Hey, I rather like my dick. Why should I not share it? Every now and again, I see another beautiful cock, and even if I am straight, it turns me on.
laurence: It's liberating. I like my cock and sometimes you get compliments
uncut2108: Since i got my first digital camera ive been taking pics of my self naked. Then finding sites i can post these pics is a thrill. Ive never thought of having a package that was worth looking at , but ive had some nice compliments on here Also its only fair i post pics of my cock balls and ass if im looking at others on here. Not sure im a naturist, but love being naked at home. Not sure i could be naked at a naturist park, but then i don't go to places on my own... none of my friends will do it
ninja94: I love showing my cock because I think its facinating and I like how my cock looks. i like getting compliments and hearing what people say about it
ChocolateDevine: Have been an exhibitionist since a teenager when i would step out on my apartment balcony with my dick sticking out of my pants. Had no idea if anyone was looking or could see at all but it turned me on to think of the possibility. I love the attention i get on the site. Love to think of someone else maybe getting off on my pics.
frogmouth: all i can say its fun and all the amazing cocks here makes the world go round . here is a place where we all are equal
edje86: Just like to compare my cock with someone else and like the reactions I get from others, besides lots of men and women see me naked every weekend so why not here
newbi5: First sex forum I ever went to (about a year ago) went to shit, so I looked for something better - found SYD. The idea of putting my stiff cock out there on display for anyone to see turns me on, especially if other people tell me it turned them on too. It's new for me and I'd never really fantasised about it. I like seeing my own cock on the site - such a meaty rude horny object. No doubt what it's for I've come to realise that I'm an exhibitionist, so I'm enjoying it while it's still a new, rude, horny thrill...
Prometheus247: Originally when I first posted pics on the net it was a thrill of doing something that may not be right but felt good and also a confidence thing, I wanted to see what other people thought of my cock. The comments I got made me feel good and when I found SYD I thought it only right to share my pics, after all I'm getting to see some awesome cocks and pussys and it's good to share :)
xylem: i have not always been exhibitionist, but I discovered it turned me on to show my cock. i come back here t chat though. i am not gay but am curious
Ablaze: Because I feel horny showing my cock and feel horny to watch other cocks and wanna excite the people who watch my cock as well as I admire the cocks of the people here.
AdamJxyz123: The reason why I show my dick on this site is because it's a safe arena, where others come to check out cocks. We're not shocking people by flashing. Members and visitors here want to look a cocks for many reasons and those of us that post are happy to show off ours. Cocks bring tremendous pleasure to their owners and others that "play" with them. When we enjoy something, we want to share it with others. I would never flash my cock at an unsuspecting individual, but if someone wants to see it, I'm happy to show it off.
Jeg: In real life, we usually don't have the liberty to show off our genitals, and my cock is the part of my body I like more, it's where my beaulty resides. I want other people to see it. Besides, I'm shy, so this site come even more handy. I can show my dick without showing my real idendity. I love when someone comment my pics (unfortunately I don't get comments very often, and don't have a decent camera to post HQ photos), I get excited seeing me "exposed" to any person in the world. Also, it's a pleasure too see other people -- ordinary people -- genitals, too. I love cunts and consider myself straight, but I also like to see the dicks around, and here I have total liberty to do it (IRL I would never have the guts to admit it...). Firstly I thought in posting a pic here and never come back, but now I cant't stop visiting SYD/C. And when I get comments I want more and more to come check out, and eventually post new pics.
smartex: It seems my cock just can not get enough of attention. I love it being looked at (and commented...). Developed this in my late twenties. I got turned on immediately by the idea of sharing my cock via the net and meet other like-minded people to show our cocks, pussies and asses to eachother. And yes, I have a few pics of myself that do indeed turn me on.
sasyses: I have an obsession with my penis.. I still to this day want to see how big my friends cocks are compared to mine.. I love my penis, and I like to show him off.. I dont care what other people think of my cock, Its perfect for me, bbut I still like the comments I get from my syd friends
kmauf: I like to.show my cock off. I.will.sit.on the front.porch naked and hope someone sees. Luv for.the neighbors to see my cock.
gradurgaur: All my aldult life i have thought that my cock was to small to doning ani-thing but peeing.. I found this site and what a heck uppload few pics and i have had Amasing comments and people are very kind to tel me that i have ok cock..am very proud of my cock now and i like my cock
hrichiii: On this site I am just my cock, nothing more, nothing less, and I can fantasize with fellow dreamers with dirty minds and creative hearts. Like most men I always worried about my size, here, I embrace it, feel loved, and have fun with all of you. If my cock gives you pleasure, I am elated. Keep having fun everybody.
swallow10: I started posting pics because my wife lost interest and I wanted to see what others thought of my cock and I am pleased to say they generally do give me nice comments. Equally I love looking at other cocks and exchanging pics.
MoeJoe: I am an exhibitionist and a narcissist...I love showing myself off and I love taking pics and looking at them too!
xeasy_x: Cause in my life i passed a time where i didnt like my cock and having good comments on it makes me stay better
ergagrande: We all have beautiful bodies. Whether your male female, fat, skinny, Anglo, etc. At the end, what do we leave behind? Nothing, nada, zilcho, well except for some bad ass pics of cocks and pussies. Keep'em coming
Squelch: There was a real sexual thrill when first posting on the internet. I guess this is the same one that flashers get when exposing themselves in public. Beyond that it has become very interesting to compare and contrast the vast variety that exists. There is also an ongoing arousal from viewing bodies abd genetalia (both male and female). It is interesting how many people - many young people - define themselve as "interested in men and women". I guess this is because social taboos against this have broken down in recent years.
BushPilot: Actually, I don't care about showing my cock either way and it doesn't bother me to be seen. I enjoy the site, mostly the women, but figured it's only fair to provide a look a what I have. Besides, if someone enjoys the photos, that's cool too.
ero2715: I love to show pictures of my cock and also love to see yours. I feel good when someone comments on my pictures and is a real turn on.After taking pictures of myself I have a good wank as I am really feeling horny and wanting to cummm. I always shoot a good load of hot juicy cummm which I record on my camera.I do get a thrill knowing that girls and guys are having a look at my cock.

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